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officially, blue.
some combination?
either a mixture or a blend
to be honest im not quite sure
to be honest neither is anyone
i think its strange that the eye of the beholder
cannot see itself

the ringing in my ears
reigns perpetually.
pulsating patterns tear
straight through my head.
i dont dislike it;
a unique melody known only to me.
it can quickly be forgotten,
and often so,
but it still remains,
behind everything else.

"before i left"
before i left
we were friends
lovers, some thought
(and i had wished)
before i left
we were friends
and we had the world
(but mostly the island)
before i left
we were friends
but you drifted away
(and i couldnt hold on)
since i left
we are hardly friends
we dont even talk
(but you send streaks)
since i left
we are barely friends
i miss you terribly
(but you dont respond)
since i left
we arent friends
not anymore
(oh i wish we were)

"new life"
today is different from yesterday
but in a different sense
not literal yesterday;
the dumb, theoretical, metaphorical one
i used to think that i wasnt going anywhere
that everything was here to stay
oh how wrong i was
i took it all for granted
to be fair, thats all i am
a fool

i feel like im missing out on something
an experience
a good time
a celebration
i feel like everyone else is enjoying themselves
and im not;
away from social normality
and i want a way out.

i want to
i want to just let
i want to just let go and
i want to just let go and forget everything
i want to just let go and forget everything about you

"5:33 am"
every night i sit up on my computer
smashing my fingers into the keyboard
attempting to make sense of all that im feeling
it accomplishes nothing;
except for maybe screwing up my sleep schedule
which is fucking me up worse in the long run
how can i break this cycle?